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Morning Sky, Caithness, April 2012

Dunbeath Bay Looking North

Photo By Shirley MacBeath - August 2012

More Photos By Shrley MacBeath

Dunbeath Village

Dunbeath Village is a beautiful village, located on the East Coast of Scotland in the County of Caithness, just 30 miles South of John O'Groats. It is an ancient village with a fascinating history, while it's populace are vibrant and modern, who are just as comfortable surfing the Internet as clipping sheep or working around the World for the Oil Industry as cutting peat.

Dunbeath and it's surrounding district has a stunning landscape of moorlands and mountains stretching for miles to the west as far as the eye can see and beyond, while to the East it's spectacular cliff coast line snakes North to South along the North Sea.

Dunbeath has a salmon river splitting the village in two, with it's source starting far in the moors and meandering for miles until it's mouth ends at an old harbour and finally flowing out into the Dunbeath Bay and North Sea. The wildlife is next to none in the UK with animals and birds such as deer, wild cats and otters to eagles and buzzards to salmon and seals. There are silver birch woods and heather hills and 'Flow Country' peat bogs along with rare insects, butterflies and bees.

It also consists of a spectacular white Sinclair castle sitting on the cliffs, an ancient pictish broch, an early christian ruined monastery, a renovated 18th century mill, scattered old croft and fishing buildings, a local grocers store, a post office, a public bar & restaurant,, a community hall, a heritage centre a church, a primary school, a camp site, holiday homes and many more facilities and places of interests.

Dunbeath is also the birth place of the famous Scottish writer Neil M Gunn.

Neil M Gunn was born in the village of Dunbeath, Caithness on the 8th of November 1891. After several years growing up as a boy and teenager in the village he went on to become one of Scotland's most important twentieth century authors, creating classic novels such as The Silver Darlings, Morning Tide and The Highland River, which was set in Dunbeath the village of his birth.

Even though he moved away from Dunbeath at a young age and was then associated with other great writers, poets and artists of his time, he never forgot the wild landscape and great characters of his childhood upbringing.

Through out his later life and career he would frequently return to Dunbeath and Caithness to work and visit, which gave him great inspiration to write some of his best work.

Neil M Gunn died on 15th of January 1973, but his recognition and critical acclaim has continued to grow and his work is probably more popular now than in his lifetime.

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Tractor and Trailor, Flow Country, Caithness, Scotland, July 28th 2012

Tractor and Trailer, Flow Country, Caithness, Scotland

Photo By Ian Horne - July 28th 2012

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